Art of Code is a small team specialized in production of web apps. To be more precise - it is actually a one man army (with a little help :)



The Universal Soldier. Some might say - a full-stack developer, but let's stick to the convention. He is on duty since 2008. The main weapons in his arsenal are: Ruby on Rails, modern JavaScript (ES6), webpack, Sass and HTML5. In the past, Zbig was on a few missions in the iOS land. Proud father of Loco framework. Former student of BJJ.

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She delivers pixel-perfect bombs in the field of graphic design. Has a black belt in Sketch.

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Recent Works

FollowUp Personal CRM

 FollowUp Personal CRM is a simple, intelligent tool that makes managing relationships easy. The most important for users part of the system is a Chrome's extension, that works next to the Gmail window.
By using it, users can set Contact FollowUps, reminders, write notes on contacts etc.
FollowUp Personal CRM works in microservice architecture on Google Cloud Platform orchestrated by Kubernetes.
Web containers writen in Ruby on Rails use Loco framework to facilitate real-time communication and provide a solid structure for JavaScript code.

 Zbig develops, maintains and deploys part of the system written in Ruby on Rails since March 2017.

#ruby #rails #docker #kubernetes #google-cloud-platform #es6 #webpack #loco #google-api


 FollowUp is a lightweight productivity suite that keeps your conversations and tasks from slipping through the cracks.
You can set perfectly timed reminders that arrive at the top of your inbox, right when you need them.
You get real-time notifications, when your contacts open your emails + more features.
It consists of Chrome's extension, that works next to the Gmail window and a back-end Ruby on Rails app.

 Zbig develops and maintains the system since February 2017.

#ruby #rails #haml #google-api


 Ekobilet (pol. bilet = ticket) is a ticket sales platform that is on the market since 2011. It allows organizers to sell tickets online as e-ticket and in the paper form by using POS.

 Zbig developed and maintained the system between 2010 and 2017.

#ruby #rails


 EkoSkaner is a web app that is connected with Ekobilet via an API. Its main functionality is to provide ticket validation. Tickets stay in sync with Ekobilet. Organizers can also upload additional tickets from other sellers as CSV.
EkoSkaner works with handheld barcode scanners in full offline mode (syncing tickets in browser's database + Service Workers).
Zbig is the only creator and maintainer of this app. From the beginning - it works on the Loco framework.

 EkoSkaner was created from scratch in the first 3 months of 2016.

#ruby #rails #coffeescript #loco #serviceworker

Open Source & freebies

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Loco is a framework made up of two cooperating parts. First part is a front-end one called Loco-JS. It can work autonomously. In fact, this site uses Loco-JS to provide the structure of JavaScript code. Second part is a back-end one called Loco-Rails. It works on top of Rails. Projects' sites have more detailed description.



Avatars package

Avatars have been originally made by Paula for our secret app (under development). But we give them away for free :) You can download the package and use avatars in your own projects. Enjoy!


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